Fig – Avignon – Purple Green Bands-Pink Fruit

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Origin: France. Also known as Dauphine

The breba and main crop figs differ from each other. The breba crop’s figs are very large, round to fat pear shaped. The skin is green with brownish-purple bands when fully ripe. The flesh is light pink and has a good quality taste. The breba crop does not require pollination to set fruit. The main crop’s figs are smaller and round turning dark purple when ripe. The flesh is dark pink. The main crop needs pollination to set fruit.

The breba crop ripens from mid January.
Good for fresh eating, jams and baking.

This is a San Pedro type fig. This means that the breba crop will set fruit without the need of pollination but the main crop will need pollination from the fig wasp in order to set fruit.

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